Cooperation with business

At the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering, the Scientific and Economic Council (Polish: RNG - Rada Naukowo-Gospodarcza), was established, which brings together construction companies and design companies, actively operating not only on the market of the Lodz Voivodeship, but also companies with a national and international reach. The members of the RNG are the Lodz Regional Chamber of Civil Engineers and the Regional Chamber of Construction in Lodz, associating over 50 construction companies in the Lodz region. The Scientific and Economic Council is a platform for the exchange of scientific and professional experience of cooperating communities. The main goal of the Scientific and Economic Council is to initiate activities supporting construction projects, related to the modernization of technology, equipment and organization of construction activities and broadly understood cooperation of the University with the economic environment. The scope of activities of the Scientific and Economic Council covers the following areas:

1. Participation of companies in shaping the profile of a graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering through the creation of study programs and the choice of the course and method of education.

2. Material support for activities aimed at the development of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering (sponsoring conferences, meetings of the engineering community).

3. Submission of research and development topics by RNG members for implementation as part of engineering, master's and doctoral theses, conducted under the guidance of scientific staff of the Faculty.

4. Research cooperation initiated by the economic environment with the possibility of using the high substantive potential and wide laboratory base of the University.

5. Internships in enterprises.

6. Assisting the University in solving scientific and technical problems..

7. Technology transfer and implementation of scientific research in industrial projects.

8. Various forms of commercialization of research results.

9. Commissioned lectures by representatives of the construction industry for students of Civil Engineering.

10. A proposal of practical classes for students conducted by entrepreneurs at the Faculty.

11. Creating consortia when applying for EU funds.

12. Scientific and logistical support for proposals in the National Centre for Research and Development and Horizon 2020 calls.

13. Enabling employees of construction companies to develop professionally in the form of courses, postgraduate studies and doctoral studies.

RNG meetings are held twice a year and each time they have a keynote, presented in the presentation that starts the meeting with entrepreneurs and special guests.

The Scientific and Economic Council consists of, among others, the following enterprises and entities:

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